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What We Provide物を造るのではなく、「事」を創る

Creating Ambience

CUT Direction extends the possibility of fabric use in interior design by combining our long-standing experience of fabric development with the cutting edge technology of laser cutting.
The characteristic of fabric, joined with our design capability, laser cutting technology, and our accumulated experience offers entirely new and diverse ways of expression in interior design decoration.


Our fabrics have been especially developed over many years to achieve faultless results when cutting, hanging, and installing with the sole aim of a perfect result every time. Our fabrics have passed the flammability certification from Intertek.


Whether choosing one of our standard patterns, using one of your own ideas, or having one of your designers come up with something entirely new, CUT Direction strives to provide the highest level of service no matter how large or small the job may be.


Our standard patterns have been carefully selected to offer a diverse range of designs. We also offer a full design service to provide new and imaginative solutions.