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Order Madeオーダー・メード

Order Made

CUT Direction offers a full pattern design service along with clients’ project consept.

Standard Project Process

  • Briefing form client
  • Preparation of Design Image and Speciffcations
  • Confirmation of Design image and Speciffactions by client
  • 1ST Proposal - estimate only
  • Mutal Verification
  • 2ND Proposal and Official Quotation
  • Drawing Screen Data ( for laser cutting )
  • Final Confirmation
  • Recieve Purchase Order from client
  • Screen Production
  • Packing and Shipment
  1. Initial screen image could be accepted in the form of image, photo or illustrator data.
  2. CUT Direction’s in-house designer will transform the client’s image into production data.
  3. Proposal/Quotation lead time differs frpm project to project.
  4. Production lead time differs from project to project, usually between 2 weeks up to 2 months.

Peoject cost estimation

Project eatimation is provided with consideration of:

1 CUT Direction design support and direction
2 Complexity of cutting pattern
3 Types and amount of fabrics
4 Contents of support of installation
5 Delivery
6 Other project specific elements

Please feel free to contact us about estimation ploicy.